Monday, August 24, 2009

August Haul # 5

Yep, another SIC but this time, it's loose.

lelouch gave me a heads up on this yesterday, well, if you know me... I'm a die hard Kamen Rider Knight fan and I'd certainly get the good-great KR Knight figures (SH, TAF, SIC, SIC Kiwami and if he'll ever get an SHF treatment). Well, I hesistated on this earlier since he lacked the extra hand sets and all but damn, that's the only SIC Knight I can own right now, especially with Plamoya's uber expensive SIC Vol. 24, yeah, this one's obviously loose, just look at the armor, the plastic parts have mostly faded in color but meh, the SIC Knight Survive is still pretty much a badass and besides, if ever I get my hands on the vol. 24, I can use this one's body and switch it with the newer unused Survive parts from the volume, that way, I can also display both Knight and Knight Survive SICs!


  1. Aside from the hands, does it have all the parts you wanted it to have? Like the Sword Vent?

  2. ^ Knight Survive doesn't have a sword vent, only normal Knight has it