Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Murakami's Updates (September '09)

Probably the best variation of Saber EVER!

Here are some very minor news about things, some are pretty late already XD

More exclusive Madness!
The RQ version of Nendoroid Petit that was first shown on WF had been recently confirmed to be another exclusive but in terms of price, it's not as WTF as the original RQ Miku, it's price on 3000 yen and is only available through Ure10 Online Shop or Nico Online Shop. The set contains Miku, Luka and Rin as shown before and there are two different variation of the mini-car.

Even more delays.
Why am I not surprised anymore. WiM Miku had just been delayed like the usual, 2 annoying months of doom. But at least, I finally get my Saber Lily next time, thank goodness. Miku being delayed now shows that all my pending Mikus will be out by December. Talk about a merry Xmas assuming no more delays will happen. XD

The Hits Counter
Yeah, I want to find out how many viewers do visit my site so I finally attached a hit counter starting from 0 yesterday to see how often people visit my site.

Income and Hesitations
Finally getting my final batch of payment tomorrow and with that in mind, I am now hesitating on getting Gekisou Yuki Nagato, who recently became available, or the rare Max Factory Ryoko Asakura, I figured it's time to get more Haruhi girls and from my favorites too.

KR Continuation
Well, while KR W is currently on going, I've been side tracking on other Heisei series, and I've just finished Kiva over the week, it was good IMO, and it got me wishing for a Dark Kiva and IXA SICs, lol. I'm currently running through Den-O and hopefully I can also finish this within a week.

A Thought on Team Blogging
I've been running out of what to blog recently especially this month since ber months can be quite slow in news, so, I've been thinking on forming a team with some friends so I can somewhat keep the blog more interesting than usual. Hehe

K-On! Commercialization Continues!
upLark, a recently rising company, announces their new addition to their products, none other than K-On!'s Mio Akiyama in her school festival outfit. This surely is catching my eye and I must be very careful about deciding, lol!

Well, that's all for now.

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