Monday, September 7, 2009

Two People, One Rider

The newest Kamen Rider has arrived

Yes, the 3rd Rider to be known in the 2009 is here!

Well, I've watched the raw yesterday immediately after waking up from bed. XD Well, how was it? Was it any good? Well, as far as my personal concerns:
- Philip looks like a girl.
- How will they Henshin if they're apart?
- Can this be better than Decade?

Well, they've all been answered and it's only the first episode so far. As far as Philip's criticisms from people like me, let me tell you already, don't let the appearance fool you! In reality, Philip is a lot more manlier compared to Kamen Rider Decade's Daiki Kaitou (who was showing some "bending" in certain scenes with Tsukasa Kadoya, lol).

Next would be the answer to the 2nd concern is that they can henshin into W no matter how separated they are, once Shotaro decides to go for a Henshin, Philip automatically gets the belt as well to give him a sign that they must henshin on that certain moment. And yeah, somewhat Philip's soul leaves his body and enters Kamen Rider Double's other half.

Third concern. IMO this has a lot of potential of beating Decade already from the first episode, W's 1st ep. is better than Decade's if you ask me. You just get to see how awesome they are on the first fight scene. Aside from that, I just find myself liking W's costume design more and more interesting, perhaps due to the OP of the series. Hehe, the opening song is nice too. Anyway, here's the opening song for the series.

Well, with the exception of W's weird looking Rider kick, the series has already managed to impress me, even W's vehicles looks too wicked. Anyway, why do I say that W's Rider Kick is weird? Well, watch it to find out. Hehe, I won't be spoiling pretty much in this series comapred to my test run episode reviews for the later parts of Decade.


  1. ick, Philip still looks too girly to me... and the concept is not as appealing...

    show me some episodes, maybe id watch it if, but i'm still skeptical, haha

  2. I love the concept... Philip is the manliest bookworm with his matrix-esque computer system.

    I love the first few episodes...

    my only qualm is that why can't they just steal off the other USB memories so they can gain more forms... LunaT-rex anyone?