Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Murakami's Updates (December '09)

I am back and so is Miku~~~ ^-^

Finally free of those burdens I was bound to last month. XD

Just a little update on some notable figs for me and stuff.

ActSta... Your thoughts?
With the recent release of the very first figure developed for the ActSta line, Subaru Nakajima from Majou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS.

ActSta is pretty much a posable large fig which tries its best in hiding those joints to give you a sense of viewing a static figure when it's in pose. Well, from what I've seen so far from Subaru, it's pretty good. Toybu features a pretty neat review of her, really really nice. But who knows what might happen to this line. I do hope GSC continues the line though. So what are your thought? Will ActSta prove to live a long life or would it be like Bandai's Twist Action Form line which died pretty much after 5 releases? lol!

Alter and MegaHouse has done it again!
Alter, which pretty much in my opinion, produces probably most of the better large scale figs out there while MegaHouse proves to give a really good bargain with their excellent model core line. And when these two combines, you get Alpha x Omega, a collab which started pretty much started last year and well, they've been releasing a good amount of really wonderful figs and the latest is Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier, well, I haven't really watched it myself but it goes that I buy the figure first before I start watching. And AxO Ranka is totally looking good especially that *kira* pose, it's an ultimate WIN XD

Now, am just hestating since May, her release date, is pretty much the same release as VN02 Miku. >_<

Miku!? Again!???
Companies just won't stop milking my beloved waifu, as Volks presents an updated version of their 1/6 Miku, this time called Encore version. It's basically the first Volks Miku with an added face and arms that brings out Miku's moe factor which is really great. Hoo boy, my wallet sure is dead next year since this is another exclusive, an event exclusive to put at that. Below's a pic of the Encore Miku

Review Renewal
Well, I haven't started editing stuff yet but I'll be putting related figures to each figure I've reviewed and will be reviewing to make it a little, I dunno, better? XD

RO Sniper Madness
Well, Level-Up games decided to give pRO a x2 modifier last week which results in a x3 for Valkyrie server, I finally played may huntress again and finally managed to turn her into a Sniper.

The catch is that I only played her last Saturday from a Huntress but yesterday, she's already level 94 as a Sniper, having access to Thor's Volcano is definitely madness, the exp just raises like insane there. XD

Disposal at maximum
Like I've mentioned in my Teana haul post, I've been disposing a lot of figures lately. Well for one, I think I'll be sticking may Fate series to Saber only and those which I really like, unlike before where I really wanted to get them all at 1/7 scales. Another diposed line was Tales of the Abyss, well, Tear proved not nice to me but I didn't want Natalia to be left alone since I didn't really like her as a character, so there, disposed. As for my Shining Wind line, only sticking to my favorites and the ones I liked so my plan of completing the Weiss Ritter is no more as I am now disposing Ryuna.

Lol, yeah, the pic I used for this time's update is Witch Miku, which I formed using Yuki's expansion parts that came with Ryoko's Nendo. And surprisingly, I uploaded her pic at tsuki before I slept and when I woke, she was part of the POTD. I'm really glad ^^


  1. Beautiful picture ! Congratulation for the picture days on tsuki Board ^^

  2. WAH, ACTSTA! I think it will live long. And nice new banner!