Saturday, January 23, 2010

Murakami's Update (January '10)

As happy as Gin-nee, I say hi! :D

Been gone for quite some time, sorry about that...

Anyway, this is a total major fig news update since I've been gone for a while busy with work and the only time I can actually really blog would be Friday's (when I finally go home) and weekends but I'm usually out on weekends to hang out with some of my friends from Otakai. Anyway, old news first first...

WF Madness Begins!
As Wonder Fest Winter (correct me if I'm wrong) is just around the corner, last week, GSC bombarded us with some event exclusive goodies and I have to say it has brought pain to a lot of people (including me).
The following figures were announced as WF exclusive:
1. Nendoroid Mio Akiyama and Ritsu Tainaka live stage version

2. Nendoroid Snow Miku

3. Figma Ui Hirasawa

4. 1/7 Saber Lily Golden Caliburn

That's GSC/Max Fac for you, bombarded with these announcements collectors/Mikutards/Sabertards/K-On! fans from outside japan are sure to be hit a lot with these. (Snow Miku... :( )

BRS milking continues!
Well, with the recent economy friendly Black Rock Shooter Black Blade version, GSC now continues to milk the dark loli giving her a new 1/8 fig called the anime version which features the Rock Cannon yet again and back at the forums, a lot seems to be getting this despite the prototype status.

Kamen Rider Figures Update
Latest release of Hobby Japan shows quite a bunch of new SHFS such as Rising IXA.

Rising IXA orders would probably open up sometime soon, while G3-X is still in prototype condition. The one in silhouette is obviously Kamen Rider Double Fang Joker, and this will probably make me rethink of getting an SHF. Hehehe. On the other hand, the Den-O SICs continues with the announcement of SIC Den-O Wing Form while Project BM! decides to make a Heat Joker as well as Shotaro and Philip BM!s

S.I.C. Volume 53 previews!
We finally get to see colored previews of the Dark Kabuto and Gatack SICs. Gatack looks nice but Dark Kabuto isn't clicking too much on me. But his Masked Form looks nice though, anyway, here are scans of Dark Kabuto and Gatack.

Extra parts are Masked Form for Dark Kabuto and a ZECT Trooper for Gatack, I'll also include a scan showing the accessories included in the set.

Chogokin Miku current development
As Bandai and Max Factory collaboration, the chogokin version of Hatsune Miku is looking very much like a die-cast version of the ActSta, which in turn looks like a gigantic figma, looks like this Miku would turn out good exclude the back portion where the bolts are very very visible.

More K-On! Figure Madness
Even though I haven't watched the series, I really like Azusa and been carefully choosing a figure I'd get and Alter wins this one. The problem: it's a mail order exclusive!!!! Damn, just look at the colored prototype from HJ.

On the other hand, Mio's still going insane with the milking from different companies, shortly after the figma reservations opened, it immediately closed from a lot of online stores, and this probably won't be an exception as FREEing joins the band wagon showing a new Mio doing the Moe Moe Kyun pose. Miotards good luck! XD

ActSta Teana complete!
Now that we finally have a glimpse of how ActSta Teana looks and looks like ActSta has done it again, she looks definitely gorgeous and the addition of the loosed hair is pretty good that I'm even double thinking with getting this one.

Anyway as for my other updates, I'll try to catch up with the Double episode infos and do some figure reviews as well, too little time I have now that I'm working >.<>

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