Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Nazca Dopant Completed

The Man who loves Fuuto...
A Dopant yet Kamen Rider in spirit

At last, the prototype of Kirihiko aka Nazca from Kamen Rider Double (W) has been showcased in full color.

Last Tuesday, Tamashii Nations presented their new line called the Super Robot Chogokin, smaller and cheaper versions of Tamashii's Soul of Chogokin much like how Kiwami Tamashii is to SICs but along with their presentation were colored prototypes of some previously announced upcoming SHFs as well as actual displays of some of the already presented upcoming SHFs.

Among these showcased figures is finally the colored product of the famous Dopant, Nazca, really amazing and good thing my sister's getting him, so, I'll just borrow and wait for an S.I.C. version instead :p Images of the showcased figure below:

Images came from Moeyo.

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