Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vacation at Another Country

Double is about to fight Dopants in Hong Kong!

Lol, the fig of Cyclone Metal there is my sister's.

Well, apparently, I won't be able to update this week with anything since I'm on vacation at Hong Kong right now. Really nice to shop for figures here especially Bandai goods, they're literally scattered in the shops of Mongkok, really really good bargains here and me and my sister are going home with a bunch of Kamen Rider stuff and I got some pretty rare SICs right now. XD

Though, there aren't much to offer for anime/game figures here but still really really good prices like the Goddess of the Forest Elwing which is around 520+HKD here, really such nice deals. I'll be going back to the Failippines on Monday night, so, see you around. Oh, the one on the pic is our hotel room 8D.

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