Monday, January 31, 2011

January Hauls: Mini Temptress, Mini Master and Multi Hairstyle

Hauls from yesterday~

Well, here are my last grabs for the month :D

So what have I got? Well one there's Hobby Japan's QB Petit box but I really just bought it to get the two Airis in there, it's a box of 8 but I already sold 3 yesterday, so there's 5 remaining there but 2 of them are reserved already, have an extra Menace though I don't know what to do with it.

Next to the QB box is Konami's 1/8 Takane Manaka, which is known for having 5 hairstyles and being a dreaded konami style shop exclusive and luckily in my case, I got the bonus hairstyle, which is supposedly only for those who ordered the set of 3 from Konami, well, I dunno but I sure am lucky XD

Last but certainly not least is Nendo Dead Master, now, I can finally shoot my BRS, overdue shoot actually, but anyway, that's it for my final hauls this month.

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