Sunday, January 9, 2011

January Hauls: New Year's First Week

First Week's "I am broke" hauls :))

So yeah, got the first pic earlier this week and the 2nd pic, yesterday.

So, even though there's a number of them, it doesn't necessarily mean that I paid for all of them this week, 3 out of 5 of those hauls have been paid already since last month, I just needed to pick them up once they arrived, and so, I did. Those 3 items are AxO Eas, MegaHouse Kakashi and Banpresto Ichibankuji Yuki and Ryoko. So, for starters, I'm already thinking of whether I should sell Eas or not, she's pretty and a really great figure and all but my resolve to streamline is a getting a little on me XD Kakashi is a sure keep and of course, Ryoko, but I dunno if I should sell Yuki as well since I don't usually sell those who are packed in boxes.

Now going to the first impulse buys, one would be figma Reimu, well, I've always wanted Reimu even from before, sooo, when I saw a chance and the price was really good too even though it was opened already, I didn't hesitate to get it since the price was half the prices of figma Reimu nowadays, and I even said she would be my last impulse buy until I take care of my debts but nah, later on yesterday, I got so tempted at TF United Cybertronian Soundwave, so after, hanging around GT a bit at GH, I decided to get him and decided to sell my Hasbro one but luckily, as I woke up today, someone's already interested in getting him :D

So... that's it, these two are the last hauls of the month, unless a miracle happens and I get money to pay for my already arrived pre-orders.

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