Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wave's Upcoming 1/10 Beach Queens Kaname Madoka

And the Madoka wave of figures begins now! :o

And here we got wave releasing probably the first official Madoka scaled figure :3

Similarly to all previous wave figures, Madoka will be getting the neck joint treatment as well. And though I have to say I already streamlined and I avoid swimsuits, I really find this Madoka really charming since they even got her face right(even the wideness, lolololol). And if that's not enough, Wave is also releasing a GA exclusive which will have an additional inclusion of that freaky troll familiar, Kyubey.

The regular version is set for an October release for 3990 yen (tax inclusive) while the GA exclusive one is set for a November release for 4410 yen (tax inclusive).

Madoka is generally the same in both versions I think, but still... hmmmm, get or not? XD Anyway, pics from the regular and exclusive's information pages.

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