Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Max Factory's Upcoming Figma Robocop

Oh yeah! This guy's one of my childhood faves 8D

And his orders came up today!

As you can see his paint apps from the prototype shot above is pretty cool! And to top off, he has a bunch of accessories too; it wasn't stated on the information page whether the opening gun hatch was a gimmick or an extra leg but none the less, really great. He, of course, has his gun and an effect part too! Last of his weapons is the needle in his hand. As an extra, there's also a damaged helm included, really neat!

Surprisingly, He's up for an August release for 3500 yen. Kinda unexpected so I might not be able to order him but yeah, he'll likely be in major stocks here, hopefully, so, I'll just get one after he's released. ^^

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