Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Hauls: Fresh from the New Line

Well, just a week ago, the DotM toyline was launched here

And boy, visits to local toy stores + me having money = impulse buy :p

And so, I decided to grab these two from wave 1 last Wednesday night, there's still 1 thing I want to get from wave 1 but that can wait since I already got 2 of 3 wants (and they're all Autobots!) Anyway, I was supposed to really just get Sandstorm but he ironically he wasn't the one I bought, apparently, during inspection I found Backfire to be more worth for his price since the paint apps are ridiculously good. As for Roadbuster, well, I'll probably complete the wreckers at the very least for DotM, so yeah, took him home and I'm now waiting for Topspin to come out >:D

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