Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bandai's Upcoming S.H.Figuarts Birth CLAWS Set

Similarly to TaJaDol, you would need this to make Birth awesome

And unfortunately another Tamashii Web Exclusive.

Of course since it's the CLAWs set, everything's there: the Drill Arm, the Shovel Arm, the Crane Arm, the Cutter Wing, the Breast Cannon and the Caterpillar Leg. And of course, these CLAWS can access the 1000 cell medal-usage mode, the CLAWS Scorpion.

Bandai also mentioned their page that there will be mounting parts included so you could of course, mount these on to Birth himself. And aside from that, you get Date's Milk Can of Cell Medals and the special Gorilla Candroid (both in open and unopened modes) that detects any Yummy activities.

The CLAWS set will be out in October and is priced at 3150 yen. Definitely a must have for those who got SHF Birth, since he only came with Birth Buster.

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