Saturday, June 25, 2011

June Hauls: Anniversary Loots and The Black Tower Born Digimon

Late post! LATE POST!!!

So yeah, these are probably going to be the last hauls for this month.

Since this is a late post I just posted separate hauls on this one, technically the first pic is what the title first says, Anniversary hauls, and my hobby anniversary would always land on which day the Toy Convention falls in here since this wallet draining hobby started there 3 years ago XD So yeah, anniversary hauls was supposedly just Den-O Sword Form and Momo but thanks to a sudden sales back at Toycon I managed to grab up United Laser Optimus Prime in preparation for MakeToys' upgrade parts. Ryoko on the other hand is one of the minor Toycon loots XD since she was cheap and I really needed one. :p

On the other hand, 2 days later, I went to my supplier and got my first exclusive D-Arts which is Black War Greymon. Reviews on this guy would probably up than the other guys since he's just a comparison review in a sense. So yeah, there, expect the reviews to be up in between some TF reviews XD

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