Thursday, June 2, 2011

Max Factory's Upcoming Figma Kaname Madoka

Oh yeah! Madoka!!!!

And officially starting the line is the not so main heroine, Madoka! XD

Accessory wise, she has her bow with her which we only saw in the flashback episode and the final episode really. XD It's also stated in the info page that Madoka will have 4 arrows of light (and hopefully they do this as well for the remaining casts especially Homura and Mami), she also has a grief seed with her.

Two extra faces comes with Madoka, a frightened face and a serious one. And what's more is like a majority of upcoming Madokas, she has Kyubey with her, so yeah, go recreate some demon-ish scenes especially with Madoka's frightened face we saw a lot of times in the show. XD

Scheduled for a September release, Madoka is priced at 3200 yen (tax inclusive). A no brainer get for me as I already ordered one XD

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