Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Figma Racing Miku 2011 -First Win version- Preview

A complete set of the colored products are out!

Looking good IMO XD

While some of my friends say that she looks like a guy, well, I don't think so, she looks fine from my end, but anyway, as stated before, she comes with 2 umbrellas (an opened and a closed), a trophy, a flag and some sort of board which I don't know what it's called XD; of course the usual hand sets are also included. As for faces she only has 1 alternate as far as the previews are concerned, it'd be a smiling face.

A back shot was also provided in the set of photos

Anyway, that's it then, images are from figma blog. And it looks like Homura's figma is about to come out soon as well :>

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