Monday, July 11, 2011

July Hauls: Have A Break, Have A Transformer

Just a little round up of last week's hauls

And there's 3 of them! 8D

The first though not really a figure, well, it's just, it's a fun little "playset" so yeah, and with all the picture spamming at Otakai's Facebook page, I got one for myself; it's pretty cheap too and yeah, I will review that kitkat bench! >:3

The 2nd one were my hauls from the day 1 of the last of the Dark of the Moon Toy Launch rotation, really wanted Grimstone and he's one of the more harder ones to find that's in my remaining list of targets for the line and for a marked down price, I just had to get him. The other haul is half of the Tokyo Toy Show exclusive United Darkside set, sis got the other half as I was looking for someone who buy like to group buy it since I was only after Optimus, but yeah, let's see if I'll review Megs even if I don't really own him. XD

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