Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blog Updates: Sharing and More Stuff

Shou likes something :>

Anyway, time for some more blog updates X3

Last week I've finally had some time again to actually touch some stuff from the blog template and thanks to the awesomeness that is google, I've managed to put up FB and Twitter sharing for all my posts so you can now share things from the Corner easily :D I also included the FB like button but I haven't seen anyone use it yet though XD ahahaha, I did test it on one of my favorite episodes from fifthStitch's Ad Continuum comic series (currently on hold)

Anyway, some additional stuff, you might have noticed that the fonts this time are actually larger as well as from my posts yesterday. I'd have the normal size as default from today onwards XD A friend suggested I enlarge the fonts since well, they are actually small but I did it before since it looks clean that way XD but still better be more reader friendly 8D And lastly, I finally fixed the SIC Checklist page that kept on getting broken for the past few months, and as of today, it's properly updated.

That's all for now, Til' the next update! 8D

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