Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Smile Company's Upcoming Nendoroid Kaito -Cheerful version-

Another (not so) cheerful japan product XD

And we have that super seller Kaito this time!

Like all of the previous Cheerful Japan issues of the Vocaloid cast, Kaito comes with all the accessories and faceplates of the original Nendoroid Kaito release. And to add up to his already sought after release, the cheerful version comes with an extra body, a bandanna, the usual pompoms and two fans. XD

Kaito's orders had opened from the GSC Online shop since yesterday and will be up until October 27; he is scheduled for a March release is priced at 3000 yen. As always, 1000 yen will be given to help Japan in relief efforts. Images and info from GSC's product page.

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