Monday, December 12, 2011

December Hauls: An Early Christmas

First wave of Xmas hauls 8D

It really did feel like Xmas already when I brought home all these. XD

In reality, 5 of those were my pre-orders which would be the scaled figures and figma Homura, but as for SHF Cure Black and White Max Heart versions, supposedly, they are also on my orders list, but my supplier got cut-off so I wasn't able to get them; I just happened to have stumbled on them for a ridiculously cheap price which is why I got them immediately. And lastly, for Beelzebmon, well, he's really cheap at HLJ and just when they had the flat rate shipping offer weeks ago, I had Beelzebmon ordered and so I finally have all D-Arts Digimon figures released to date XD

And a non-haul but will be someone's haul in the coming Saturday, whoever gets mine for our exchange gift will receive this tiny badass gundam.

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