Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Year End Hauls

These are basically my hauls from the Ozine Anime Figure Special as well XD

Free Tarp wooooo~

As mentioned in the previous post, we had touhou as one of the major series lineups for our display and each series received certain tarps and unfortunately, the Touhou tarps weren't used but was still up for grabs and thanks to Sensei, I got this touhou nendo tarp featuring a mind bending "you know me so well" character lineup since my top 2 favorites are there, Cirno and Sakuya, hahaha. Youmu's the other one BTW XD

Anyway, the Racing Miku straps would be the sponsor item for the figma RQ Miku which is yet to arrive here, figma Ayase also finally arrived and since I'm back to normal blogging phase for a while, expect her review to go up very soon. Lastly, you might remember that I got Aku no Musume Rin already before but I still didn't like Rin back then... so... I sold it and I finally managed to get it back after a year lol. So yeah, these 2 figures are my final hauls of 2011. XD A bunch of reviews would come soon since I can't shoot right now due to low battery of the camera. XD

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