Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Smile Company's Upcoming 1/8 Hatsune Miku -Cheerful version-

And now we get another scaled figure!

This time it's Miku again!

The pose, outfit and all actually came from the winner of the cheerful Miku contest held by GSC in pixiv from before (iirc) And I must say I definitely love how the PVC rendition turned out to be non muscular like the original art (seen below).

The PVC rendition is actually quite a lot better IMO but like all cheerful japan releases, a portion of this goes to donation and the amount this time is 2000 yen of each purchase.

Cheerful Miku is scheduled for an August release for a pricey 10,000 yen. While this is late news, orders are still open until the 28th of March and only purchasable through the Good Smile Online Shop. Images and info from GSC's product page.

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