Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Flandre Scarlet Reissue


Those who haven't gotten her yet, here's a big chance~

Part of the 1st wave of reissues from the poll GSC made some time ago, Flandre and one more Touhou character gets to be the first from the nendo batch. Aside from the usual Touhou ordering shops such as Niconico Choukan, animate, GAMERS and Tora no Ana; Flandre is also now available in the GSC online shop to cater to international orders (yay!) 

The rerelease month will be on August and she's still marked at 3000 yen. Image and info from GSC's product page. Those interest might also want to look at the joint review I made with my dearest, homerunchan.

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