Monday, July 9, 2012

Murakami's Log #4: Back! 4 Years And Beyond!

Jackie's back? Nah, it's more like Murakami's Back!

Sorry for leaving you guys out for a whole month without any news, reviews or any post at all... It's a long story but do read if you want to know what's happened.

Basically last month was a chunk full of business, from events, workload and sidelines; of course, my free time goes to Dragon Nest still, so any other time which I'm supposed to used for blogging gets blocked off since things are quite hectic last month, a hell lot of rush projects and some of which required no sleep. So yeah, pretty hectic month.

Ironically last month was also the month that marks the 4 years of me being into this wallet crushing hobby, so yeah anniversary month = sad month of work stuff. But some grabs I did though, early on I was able to pick up new Mikus (also marking the 39th Miku count) and SIC ZX, which reminds me that I haven't been getting SICs lately. But the major loot (ranging from TFs to Articulateds to Scaled Figures and then some more stuff) came from the actual anniversary days... Yes, days, because it's not really an exact date as I mark the Philippine Toy Convention as THE days where I mark another year into the hobby. It sometime back in June 2008 that got me started into the hobby when I picked up RAHDX Allenby at Great Toys Online during the Toycon of that year. Life was never the same since then lol (monetary matters if you know what I mean XD) But anyway, last month's hauls below~

Of course, I did miss blogging a lot of wonderful figure news from last month especially from GSC which ranges from insane new offerings to really welcomed reissues and I'll be listing them down here:
-1/8 Ultimate Madoka probably being one of the most mouth watering offerings for the remainder of the year; set for a November release for 14,800 yen. 
-Figma Link from a really timeless nintendo classic game "Legend of Zelda" series; set for an October release for 3,800 yen.
-Nendoroid Petit Linkin Park, a really nice addition especially if you're a fan like me :>
-Nendoroid Insane Black Rock Shooter as one of the upcoming Wonder Festival Summer offerings of GSC; to be released this month first on the said event and later on for November as part of the web release for 3,500 yen!
-Nendoroid Saber 10th Anniversary Edition... a rather... shiny... repaint of the super movable release offered for the recently concluded Type Moon Fest; fret not, web release will be on November for 4,000 yen.
-Nendoroid Saber Zero version, coming yet again with a cuirassier for her use. Slated for an October release for 4,000 yen.
-A handful of re-issues which includes figma Reimu (review available at this blog), nendoroid Saber Lily, nendoroid Saber Lion and the sought after 1/7 Shiki Ryougi Garranodou.

Well, I'll be skipping Bandai's since there aren't really any interesting releases out there last month, only some exclusives. But anyway, I'll end my post here, and hopefully, I'll be back to regular programming in a while. XD

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