Monday, July 20, 2009

Assault of The Organization

Hohoho, RX and Decade, really nice eh?

Decade is nearing its end but the true story is yet to be told.

Shinkenger world finally ends with Tsukasa and others having a bit of problems but by the end, resolves and gets up to it. Tsukasa helps the Shinkenger and Kuuga in their fight against the Ayakashi DiEnd, the ayakashi DiEndriver's voice was pretty cool if you ask me, I like it better than the Deca/DiEndriver voices. You'll see sentai-ish scenes here like when the rest of the team destroys the KaijinRided monsters, the samurai sentai and the riders really make a good combination. Here's how the Rider x Ranger duo disposed of the Ayakashi, really weird that Decade can Final Form Ride an enemy summoned Rider, well, since the Kamen Rided Riders of the DiEndriver are mere puppets, I guess that's explainable why Blade didn't force itself to return to rider form. Anyway, here's the clip and I'm really loving the Treasure Sniper theme being played at the back.

The next world is Kamen Rider Black RX's world, the portrait sure is bringing some nostalgia, lol. As the series nears its end, we are now finally given a bit of knowledge of the Dai Shocker's existence for they will appear in the next episode, Black RX is still the very same Kotaro Minami from years ago, pretty nice eh? Appolo Geist also appears as part of DaiShocker, with his appearance, Kamen Rider X will also show up next episode based from the images at Decade website. I can't wait for this total epicness.

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