About Blog

Before I frankly explain what the blog is about, a little introduction with your bloggers first XD

I'm Murakami Night, known to some communities as night813 or LazloEnKuldes (at YouTube) or tsukimorilen (at DeviantArt). A slight gamer, a hobbyist photographer and a bit of your geek, well, considering my hobby that is, aside from that I'm pretty much just an enthusiast of anime and cartoons, but in reality, I'm merely a web developer (who has no design sense and knowledge, only codes) XD I'm a figure collector from the Philippines and  I'm quite a fan of the Precure, Kamen Rider and Transformers franchise as well. 

And now, onto the blog. ^^

The blog mainly contains figure reviews, personal hobby-related logs and my personal opinions and/or tips at times. Originally the blog also featured personal upcoming figure and that has now been shifted to the blog's Facebook Fanpage. Anyway, do feel free to link me up if you'd like. ^^

If you'd like to exchange links you can just leave a comment here.  ^^ If you prefer banners, you can make your own with regards to my site but you can also use this:



  1. Hello, nice blog you have. May I know how did you setup the "Murakami's Collection" widget on the right panel? TQ :)

    1. Hi there, I have an account in http://myfigurecollection.net/ and they have some tools available in there, one of which is a widget which is about your collection on their database and you can pretty much customize some parts of it to a degree, hope this helps! :)

    2. Hi, sorry to be a bother, but I registered and cannot find the widget. Would you mind direct me to the widget/tool? >.<

    3. go to manager, once you're redirected, you see a "(Tools)" tab, click on it and after you're redirected, you'll see a "widget" subtab on the page.