Monday, June 30, 2014

Murakami's Log #10: How's it going?

 If you still haven't seen this on the Facebook page yet, haha.

Anyway, it's been a while since I actually posted a log, so as the title says, how's it going?

What's going on?

I've been implementing changes slowly so I hope you guys like it! First off, I've been motivated to review for some reason hence the number of reviews coming, though of course, this comes with fighting off laziness during weekends to force me to at least shoot 1 figure for an upcoming review; but yeah, hopefully, I can keep the reviews coming be it new or old figures and the main pic is actually preview for the first review of July (which starts tomorrow btw) and if that's not enough, one, or rather two, of the current backgrounds rotating here are sneak peeks of the first 2 reviews of July. I'm actually planning to make July and all Rider and Cure review, so, look forward to those.

As for the blog, if you're a past reader, you might've noticed that the blog is slightly adjusted, I've added a background for the content areas and I've added a rotating background which are slightly edited figure shots of mine, haha. Background aside, I also removed the Miku clock since it's not working anymore :( and also fixed up some styles so that the links aren't so messy to look at.

Happenings of June 2014

If you live here in the Philippines and you are a collector, then you will know that every June is the month for Toycon, and well, to be honest, I find this year's Toycon to be so-so, I think last year was better in terms of finds; while I was able to snag some good deals, in terms of rare finds, there wasn't much and I was there on the 1st day early so I know. Still a great event nonetheless, in terms of hauls, I actually took home some orders and only just got 3 things from the event's booths itself in form of Takara's United Drift, a DX Melon Lockseed (and it's cheap!) because I like Takatora's character the best from the characters, and lastly a cheap Ultra-Act Jean-bot which takes me 1 more step closer to completing the Ultimate Force Zero. As for order pickups during the event, I actually got my SHF Mario and the Tube playset, an SHF Nasca and finally, SHF Red Hawk which finally completes my daisoreta cannon for my SHF Akibarangers.

Other than Toycon, there isn't anything worth discussing though but hey, last week was the premier of Age of Extinction, the 4th installment of Michael Bay's Transformers movies; I really loved it and actually already watched it twice as of this writing. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it, I can definitely say it's better than Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon at the very least and I actually want to write a review or rather my thoughts on it and why I think it's possibly the best of the 4 movies.

Last but not the least for happenings, just this recent weekend, Cosplay Mania's facebook page just revealed one their guests to be Aya Ikeda!!! If you're a precure fan, then you'd know who she is and I'm definitely going just because of this even though I hate the venue haha.

The Figure Talk

Just a quickie for this, firs of the fun figure news, Figuarts Blog has recently showed a product sample of S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Bravo Durian Arms and he's looking good but the main fun part is that tamashii nations currently have a downloadable pdf file that contain's Oren's speech bubbles which you can print and cut out for your SHF Bravo, merci tamashii nations!

And for the big thorn to articulated figure lovers like me, Hot Toys have really announced and previewed a new line called Movie Masterpiece Compact which is their new 1/12 scale line; their step into the scale is rather a welcomed threat as there will be more movie figures that will be available on the scale on a fine product output but there's also gonna be more spendings and possibly or rather a high likely chance that if they release movie figures that currently has SHF/Revoltech/Figma rendition, they might just push those over in an instant haha.

And last but certainly not the least, with July just a day away, it's time for another round of wallet reaping Wonder Festival and GSC has already showcased their event exclusives so check them out! But the big question is, is your wallet ready?

And that's it for this log, I'll try to make at least 1 per month haha. XD

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