Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Murakami's Log #9: Happenings and a Helping Hand

First half of November is really a busy schedule for me, so...

First off, I currently am busy with work since I am working on a project and it should be done this week, so, I'll have a free up hopefully. Since the start of November, my weekends have always been taken up, so I really don't have enough time to shoot figures for reviews.

Anyway, last weekend was my short sponsored vacation from work and went to Singapore and for me, more particularly, to AFA! I really had fun there and I must say the feel of conventions there are on a totally different level from the events here. XD It was definitely a good experience, especially Anisong which was totally worth it and makes me want to actually save up next year and come back to attend AFA and Anisong, haha. 

Moving along, I might fail to update the reviews section next week as well (except for the 3 reviews I have ready) since this weekend will be another event-filled weekend which is Otaku Expo; and the usual, I will be facilitating the trivia from Team Onii-chan, along with my friend. 

Now for the next part of this post, as you all know, a very strong typhoon ravaged the central part of our country during the weekends, and even though I wasn't the one who actually experienced it; the mere sight of pictures/videos/news is depressing and I would really want to extend a helping hand in my own ways; while I don't have any cash to spare, I'll be participating in some of this weekend's event "highlights". 

First off, Ozine will be putting on a donation box during the event and I quote from Otaku Expo's post: "You can help by dropping off clothes, medicine, canned or tetra-packed goods, and even stuffed toys." I'll be scavenging some of my old unused clothes and drop it off on the donation box; I'll also try to squeeze in some food. So, if any local readers here have some goods/clothes/medicine to spare and will be going to the said event, you might want to donate them to those who have been victims of the catastrophic storm.

Next is that Onegai Onii-chan will be having a figure auction during the event, and I, once again, quote(from Onegai Onii-chan's post) "During the event, Otaku Expo Reload 2013 are also OPEN TO ACCEPT any items to be auctioned by any attendees of the event and all proceeds will be donated as well. Check your collection, maybe you can let go a figure or two to help a family in need." As such, figure collectors attending the event who has some figures they can let go of and are willing to give the proceeds to the victims of the Typhoon, it would definitely help them. I'll be donating some of the unreserved pieces from group buys I have formed in the past and hopefully they would sell during the auction. And once again, I quote from them: "After the event, we're planning to continue the auction ONLINE for our other remaining on-hand items, such as Kotobukiya 1/8 Asuna, figma Madoka Kaname, Nendoroid Millhiore Biscotti and other figures."

For international readers who are willing to help, I might not know of any way myself right now, but if some of you want to extend a helping hand, do leave a comment or hit me a message at the fan page; maybe we can work out something with the help of the people from the ones mentioned above. :) 

Hopefully, this post can help spread the news.

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