Friday, August 2, 2013

Make or Break # 2: Transformers Prime Arms Micron

Part 2 of the make or break series focuses more on the "Make" side, as it is my first attempt to neatly build model kits (since I just use scissors back when I was a kid to build GunPla). Now, since I collect Transformers as well, it was quite inevitable that I get some from the notorious (for me) Arms Micron line of Takara Tomy as there are some Takara-only products for some of the notable designs/characters of the Transformers Prime series. 

Now, I've always been a 0 talent in kit building, which is why all my AM purchases are still inside their boxes, but since my Flame Style broke down last Sunday, I just proceeded with tinkering one of the AM guys and my first choice was Nemesis Prime's partner, Giza. While it's still not 100% done, below's a pic of the current finish.

I'm just using gunpla hobby nippers here but that stresses out the plastic, thus, leaving white stress marks on the plastic. I've managed to remove some white stress marks out there by sanding them, however, if look at the picture above, the detail near the side handle (encircled in red) has an obvious detail flaw to it. It's hard to sand it, so, here at this blog, I hope, some kit builders who read the blog can give me advice on how to fix this.

Additionally, if you can also give tips on applying stickers, I'm using tweezers but I have a hard time aligning them properly and I still have yet to apply it for Nemesis Prime. But yeah, very short Make or Break here, hope to get some advices from you guys, so do drop some comments if you have time. xD

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