Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Make or Break #4: MEBSUTA Torso Replacement

Just a little extra before the actual review~

Before the big upgrade itself, I'll just browse through this as fast as I can; now, the FoC Magnus mold is pretty notorious for its loose joints, be it Takara or Hasbro version. Since I'll be using Hasbro for my MEBSUTA upgrade, Transformazing Toys does actually provide a new torso for FoC Magnus and it is pretty much worth a try.

First thing's first is that you'll need to unscrew Magnus' upper body from the back (see images below), and then once done, open up Magnus' body by pulling it apart.

Once the body is opened up, pull the torso piece from it's ball socket.

And now comes the tricky part, Transformazing toys provided a thumbtacks-like piece which you will be using as a tool to push the legs apart from hip joints; but fret not, an easy way of doing this is shown on MEBSUTA's manual, but it will definitely require some force before you can pop the joints out successfully. But after this, everything else is easy.

With the hips completely separated from the legs, take the new torso piece and connect it to the legs, and then pull the lower half piece of Magnus' body from the original; it's not really locked tightly, you'll just need to slide it out and then put in on the new torso.

With the lower half completely setup with the new torso, you can now reassemble Magnus but do note, the new torso's ball is a little bigger so you'll need to force it on the socket and try to loosen it a bit afterwards. After you reassemble the body, you'll find that Ultra Magnus will now have a better reinforced hips and torso, while it the hip joints are still a little loose (which is a little saddening since it's kinda pointless to switch torsos), it does, at the very least, hold MEBSUTA's legs better as compared to the original but the waist is now deliciously tight as compensation for that. And with that done, you are now more prepared for the upgrade!

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