Monday, July 29, 2013

Make or Break # 1: S.H.Figuarts Wizard Flame Style

Just a little something new I'll be adding for the blog; the Make or Break section will be where I will post about different problems I've encountered with my own collection of figures either to inform fellow collectors about some stuff regarding a figure or a general inquiry from yours truly so that you, the readers, can help me in some of my hobby problems; the very first would be a short advisory regarding S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style.

I was supposedly about to shoot Flame Style yesterday for a Figure Review this week but all my hype died down when I saw something that really didn't make me happy. You see, in Flame Style's head, he has the "antennas" arced towards the back to a pointy tip. I'm not quite sure if it's only on mine but those tips are quite fragile, while I was about to setup my shooting table, I just noticed that the left tip was already cracked while the right was technically non-existent anymore, I don't even know how or when did it happen. But yeah, those tips were ridiculously fragile alright, and as for my reviewing standards, I can't review a broken toy so now, I'm selling my first one for a really low price locally and am planning on getting a new one before I proceed with any Kamen Rider Wizard related Figuarts reviews. For a reference, I've took a shot of the parts I'm talking about and encircled them, you can see it below.   

If you happen to own one, do be careful with yours so, you won't suffer the same fate as mine... Anyway, I guess I'll end the first Make or Break post here and hopefully, this post will serve as something informative for those who already or are planning to own this magic user.

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