Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Make or Break #3: First Edition Optimus Prime

Before I start with any reviews for the month, here's a little Make or Break session with yours truly! 

Now some time after the release of Hasbro's First Edition Optimus Prime last year, news came out of how First Edition Optimus Prime has a flawed neck assembly; apparently, even the Takara versions have this flawed assembly so  just before I review the boss bot himself, let's first fix him up! Anna here will help us fix the boss bot for his glorious upcoming review~

All you need is a small phillips head screwdriver to do the trick, if you check the back of Optimus' head, you see a screw there, simply unscrew it until the front half of the head pops out on it's own.

After popping out the front, you'll finally see the misassembled piece, at first glance, it looks correct but it's really just the ball joint barely hanging on the ball socket of the head.

To fix it, simply pop out the remains of the head first and proceed with reinserting it and make sure the ball joint goes completely in the socket; alternatively if you are confident enough, you can just push the ball inwards to the socket upon first disassembly of Prime's head.

Once done, simply reattach the front half then screw the pieces back together  and boom! Your boss bot has better neck articulation now! And so, with the help of Anna, First Ed Prime here is ready for some review~

Anyway, I think I'll be able to provide 1 or 2 more Make or Break posts this month and all of which are still related to TF Prime, the blog's focus for this month! So, until the next Make or Break, look forward to the bunch of TF Prime reviews I'll have in store for you guys! Oh and definitely, watch out for the TF Prime Saga finale!

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