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Corner Bites Issue 1: S.H.Figuarts Omegamon - What's Different, Might Be Different and Not [Updated 9-17-2015]

Welcome to the very first issue of Corner Bites! This is part of two new contents that I've been planning for the blog. This one, I've been planning for months now and with a bit of push since Luis (from the fanpage, thank you for your suggestion!) also suggested this, I thought now is a good time to roll this out. Basically Corner Bites is where I tend to give my impressions on certain figures because I love to analyze stuff when it comes to the figures when I have free time and as such, I give my opinions about it and some insights if it's an upcoming figure. And what good topic to start the Corner Bites than to discuss something about the recently revealed S.H.Figuarts Omegamon [Bokura no War Game (Our War Game)], which is part of the Tamashii Web Exclusives for January 2016.

Omegamon previously was released under Tamashii Nations' D-Arts line (now merged with S.H.Figuarts line) and as we've recently seen in the likeness of the already released S.H.Figuarts Metal Garurumon -Designer's Edition- and the upcoming S.H.Figuarts Chaos Dukemon, these are only a bunch of recolors but the molds are completely the same; SHF Omegamon (or Omnimon), however, isn't just your plain recolor as this features quite a lot of changes from the original D-Arts Omegamon.

Changes said, let's start with the most obvious ones and the first one up the list is that this Omegamon comes with a miniature Taichi and Yamato which can stand beside his head as seen in the Our War Game movie. Though it's good to note that as seen in the promotional photos, Taichi and Yamato are both unpainted so you might want to put up your skills to the test and paint them if you want more accurate miniature pieces.

The Taichi and Yamato are merely just a bonus IMO and the main cake and quite probably THE BIGGEST change this features is that this Omegamon utilizes a FULL CLOTH cape, a FIRST for the history of S.H.Figuarts as they always stuck with solid plastic cape much like the original D-Arts Omegamon (seen below the SHF promo photo).

With the reveal of the cloth cape, the first one to step in my mind was whether the cape had some inner wiring and Tamashii was kind enough to state that Our War Game Omegamon comes with cape posing parts which is cast in clear plastic as encircled in one of the promotional shots.

The cape posing parts actually reminded me of Mezco's approach with their 1:12 Dark Knight Returns Batman which I heard was a pain to fiddle but we'll see once this one's out in January. 

Last of the obvious changes is the complete abandonment of the use of chrome which was literally all over the original and that for me is one positive thing about this as the 2nd release of the D-Arts version had some pretty disappointing chrome scratches on the Grey Sword as told by my friends who got the re-release.

Now on to the more minor changes, as this IS the movie Omegamon, this does have some minor detail changes to the original D-Arts version as that one is more true to the original art than the movie itself.

First up the list is Omegamon's eyes as they are, in my opinion, rounder and less fierce looking compared to the original. Next up as seen and encircled above is that the Courage symbol definitely have paint changes as it looks more plain than the former. I've provided some pictures right below the promo shot so you guys can compare.

Some more changes can be seen in the photo below, encircled in red are sure changes while those in blue are more of unsure if the mold has indeed changed or not.

I'll cover the sure changes (red circles) in bullet form notes:
  • The side horns on his head are more pointy now due to the change in its positioning.
  • The left shoulder pad definitely have some minor mold changes on how the shield is attached to the shoulder and they do look bigger so we'll have to see once it's out.
  • The core on chest is now Blue instead of red and that the gold rim is thicker.
  • The toes are definitely thinner as opposed to the original (image below):

As for the ones encircled in blue, I'm definitely not sure if those have indeed changed but I can't confirm even after looking at them so many times as they definitely changed a bit in details  but I can't say for sure if the plastic mold themselves have indeed changed or not. Time will definitely tell on how those parts are done.

Now that I've covered pretty much most of what are and what might be different from the original, I'll now go to the what is NOT different but do take this part with a grain of salt as this is purely my assumption as we definitely won't be able to tell until the figure itself is out. Despite all the changes in details and with the exception of the Cape part, I think the body frame, when it all comes down to it, is technically the exact same frame so we probably won't see any difference in articulation except for the Cape when this version's out. 

That's about it of what I want to discuss with SHF Omegamon [Our War Game]. Fret not though as I'll definitely be going back to this topic in the future when it's finally time to review this piece as I've already ordered this badass from Onegai Onii-chan as of this writing, so do expect me to make a comparison review of sorts when I review him.

And that's it for the first issue of Corner Bites, if you guys want a topic for me to put my thoughts into or anything similar, do drop a comment here or in my fanpage's wall and I'll see to it and check what I can do about it. 

UPDATE [9-17-2015]
Tamashii Nations has just updated their S.H.Figuarts Blog with an entry on S.H.Figuarts Omegamon [Our War Game] and now previews a side by side comparison with the original D-Arts Omegamon and from how it looks like, [Our War Game] seems to be a completely new mold overall as it is MUCH bulkier than the original, so yeah, we're around 4 months away from knowing the full differences but anyway, comparison pics from the Figuarts Blog entry below:

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