Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: [Bandai] D-Arts Omegamon

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Digimon Adventure: Our War Game
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 17cm tall
Original Price: 5,775 Yen

Figure Box:

To start with, I must say that Omegamon(or Omnimon, which I'll be using in this review since it's faster to type)'s box is definitely wonderful and much much better than what War Greymon had, it's basically I think a 3D model of Omnimon and the pose is really awesome with the Grey Sword and Garuru Cannon out as well as the text Royal Knight since he is part of the Royal Knights. Though it was never revealed until Savers/X-Evolution came when it comes to moving visuals. So yeah, Omnimon's box is wide, this is due to one of his accessories but still the box design is awesome.

Figure Details:

Following the superb detail from the 1st D-Arts, Omnimon retains the said detail and is really really amazing. A lot of metallic paint has been used on him and they stand out pretty well and absolutely no area looks like cheap plastic. Though from War Greymon, I complained about the silver chrome, Omnimon uses gold chromes on his toes and they actually don't look off and actually compliments Omnimon's color scheme pretty well. The red core on Omnimon is also very well made and would probably be one of most eye catching details on him.

And if you noticed on the information table, Omnimon stands 17cm tall. So, is he really tall? Hell yeah! I displayed him in my cab where SHF Cure Marine is displayed in a midair pose supported by her Tamashii Stage, but... Omnimon is just standing there and he completely blocks her off :p And for the first time, I'll be providing a comparison shot with D-Arts War Greymon.


As for accessories, well, it's obviously, the Grey Sword and the Garuru Cannon, which can be plugged by opening the Greymon and Garurumon hands' mouths there's also an alternate jaw for Garurumon hand which you'll be needing when you plug the Cannon inside.

Now a neat addition here was the waving cape, if you've noticed above Omnimon's cape is divided into three layers so his cape wouldn't actually hinder articulation but if you don't like it then the waving cape is a much solid version and really cool for action poses.

Lastly, bandai provided a base, it's really just to clamp Omnimon's torso area but he doesn't really need it, he can stand perfectly on his own and the stand doesn't even have rotation points and the base is ridiculously big. It's pretty much one of those unneeded additions IMO; would've been a lot better if they provided a tamashii stage with a special clamp. Though this base does allow you to pose mid-air poses just need to do some tricks for it to look good.

On a little side note though, I had another QC issue for having ridiculously loose cape (the middle one), it kept on detaching and I don't know if it's a universal thing or not but yeah, kinda annoying, but nothing a small piece of paper can't fix :3


A breakdown of Omnimon's joints are as follows:
- Ball joint on head, waist, torso(area is tight and I never actually managed to move it), the pegs for the Grey and Garuru hands and the toes.
- Hinge-Swivel mix on his shoulders
- Double jointed hinge on his elbows and knees
- Hinge on the cape, hand mouths, hips and the ankle
- Swivels on the spiked band on the Garuru shoulder, parts of his feet as well as below the shoulders and hips (iirc)

Well, he's actually good, though it's a bummer that his hip joints are hinge joints only which lessens the more dynamic poses and it's a little weird that the Grey arm cannot extend as much as the Garuru arm because the shield is jointless, but yeah, the cape on the other hand is very helpful on kneeling poses or whatnot since they're hinge powered.

Final Thoughts:

And now, well, Omnimon is certainly better than War Greymon since his joints are certainly a lot tighter though his ball connected points keeps on popping out while you try to extend some poses but they're not really an issue since they do hold it together quite well, just easy to pop out once you're at the limits. He is pretty impressive and I'd actually recommend him since he's a mighty fine figure to get unlike in War Greymon's case, though his price ain't friendly since he certainly is much more expensive than your regular D-Arts and also priced the same as an SIC. Well, he doesn't use that much plastic either so I don't quite get the big difference I mean yeah he's tall and all but he's ridiculously thin, it's probably because of the paint or that other cape which was solid pvc and quite heavy. But that's all there is to this guy~ Til the next D-Arts review (which is probably Rockman X) ^^

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9.5
Price 8


  1. hello. excuse me for my bad English.
    I could barely get OMEGAMON and have a doubt. the sword of my figure has a few points that have no paint. I do not know if yours present the same problem.

    1. Hi, is your Omegamon from the re-release? I've been hearing that a number of re-releases have had problems with the Grey Sword, particularly the chromed parts having some chips. Mine's from the first release and luckily, my piece doesn't have any problems with the Grey Sword.

  2. Yes. Mine is re-released. at least it's good to know that the problem is not just mine. But overall it is a great figure. Thanks for replying, Great Blog.

  3. I can't seem to remove the cape of mine... It's the waving one...any pointers >_<?

    1. You'll need to pull it with force but don't pull it from the ends of the cape, pull from near the connecting pegs.

    2. Thanks,ended up pulling from both sides,individually - to loosen it and got it eventually...