Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: [Bandai] D-Arts War Greymon

Figure Info:
Digimon Adventure
Scale and Height:
Non-scale and approximately 14cm tall

The Warrior of Courage
Basically War Greymon is just one of the many digimons existing but in the anime, Digimon Adventure, he was one of the only two partner digimons who was at this evolution stage, the Mega Level. By using the crest of courage, Agumon can warp digivolve into War Greymon, as a digimon of the courage trait, the symbol is imprinted at the shield found in his back. War Greymon uses a claw called the Drammon Cutters which are absolutely sharp being able to shred one of the dark lords into pieces in the digimon adventure anime. Anyway, below is War Greymon's original art.

Ok, so here's fifithStitch's request from last year. A review of the very first release of the D-Arts line.

Details and Accuracy:
As far as the details are concerned, this is really well done, even better than the D-Real War Greymon, which was the best in detail at its time. Though technically speaking, D-Arts War Greymon does pretty much looks like a well improved version of the D-Real edition. All the details are nice done and even the drammon cutters even have the holes you see in War Greymon to know that it's not his real hands but a weapon instead. Anyway, I really have no complains to details and accuracy and thus will give it a perfect score later since even the head is very accurate.

Though the paint of War Greymon are completely epic, there is one which turns me off though. It's the claws in the Drammon Cutters, they're in chrome silver which makes it really absurd when lighted, if it had been metallic like the rest of his armors, it would've been perfect.

Accessories and Extras:
Well, accessory wise, War Greymon literally has one, the small charging state of his Gaia Force, which makes this pack's downfall on ratings by me but still, the Drammon Cutters are his weapons and can be detached but still pretty much lacking, they could've added a bigger Gaia Force to complete it since it looks quite stupid when you make a Gaia Force throw shot, but yeah, War Greymon couldn't have had any other accessories but still, aside from this, he has no extra hands, just the fists he comes with by default.

Like it's original line, S.H.Figuarts, the joints are pretty much the same though as additional joints, his shield is held by ball joints, his waist pads can all be flipped upwards to allow kneeling poses better, thus, removing the hindrances. Though one problem is that you can't adjust his head that well, which makes one of his limits but as far as his body is concerned, you have a lot covered already, you can also twist the orientation of his drammon cutters since there's a swivel below the shoulders and also the joint at his wrists work for turning around the said weapon.

Well, he's pretty nice for a first release and just really lacking a bigger Gaia Force but hey, you can always make one for yourself right? Though for a figure with little accessories, he's a little priced high but that's probably for the amount of plastic used for his armors compared to accessory-less riders in the S.H.Figuarts line. So, it's all good.

Details and Accuracy - 10/10
Paint - 9.5/10
Accessories and Extras - 8/10
Poseability -9/10
Price - 8/10

Overall: 8.9/10

Well, being a digimon fan that I am, he was a sure get but, of course, I liked Black War better than War Greymon. But still a pretty decent articulated figure to get, though if you're not a digimon fan or not a War Greymon fan, you should just skip him out since there are greater articulated figures out there on a price the same or lower than him. He still is a great addition to my collection though by all means. ^^

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  1. Hey, that Gaia force could double handily as Naruto's Kyuubi Rasengan! Haha, anyways, D-Arts sure is promising. I hope they do an Agunimon, BurningGreymon or Aldamon. Those would be really awesome!