Friday, April 4, 2014

Review: Hasbro Generations Ultra Magnus

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 13cm tall
Original Price: 14.99 USD


As I've mentioned in my Takara FoC Ultra Magnus review, the japanese packaging is a slight rehash of the Hasbro releases, but the overall look of the packaging is pretty much identical with the only difference is that Magnus has darker colors in his character art. And before I proceed with the review, do note that this will only be a comparison review since the package content are exactly the same in functionality, only the details are different; with that said, let's take a look on Hasbro's rendition of FoC Sir Magnus!

Details - Vehicle Mode:

One of the obvious difference from the Takara release is none other than the paint app on this guy; while the Takara rendition featured a metallic light blue shade which pays great homage to his G1 toy's color, this Hasbro rendition covers Magnus in a neat little dark blue color overall and a clean white instead of the light gray inner workings that Takara had. 

Additionally, the added paint details that Takara did for their release are missing here, though I must say I love the the color of the tip of the smoke stacks, as the silver on white just makes it look way better. The linings, however, are less visible due to the paint finish on this version of the mold.

Details - Robot Mode:

Having said in the Vehicle mode section pretty much most of the differences, we now go to the Robot mode for a additional differences. Once again, the head brings a good subject of difference, as with here, Magnus' eyes are painted in a very dark red shade which looks pretty neat (and was my disappointed with Takara since they went with blue) though eyes aside, the facial features lack a bit more life thanks to the flat white finish.

With most of the difference said already, what remains in the robot mode is that you'll notice the missing details more if you look at them standing next to each other (refer to main pic of this section). But anyway, I'll be leaving you with detail pictures here. :D

Now, as I've mentioned in Takara version's review, this version had ridiculously loose hip joints, and is actually pretty wobbly to a point that his stance just adjusts on its own at times if you left it standing posed somewhere.


Now while the accessories are also the same, there are slight differences as well in paint. I actually got this and split the set with a friend of mine as he gets the sword and I get the figure and gun, it's a good thing that I borrowed his sword for this review; but anyway, the big difference is that the red paint on the sword is a on a lighter and brighter shade for the Hasbro release and that the color for the hilt, minicon port etc are on a light gray color, while Takara has it in darker red and a flat black finish.

Top: Hasbro, Bottom: Takara

The gun gets the same difference as Hasbro renders it in a light gray while Takara in flat black.

Top: Takara, Bottom: Hasbro

Articulation Points:

Not much to discuss here anymore as the articulation points are exactly the same with Takara's you can just look it up on the Takara and FoC Prime reviews.


Just as the articulation's exactly the same (though a more loose hip joint lol), Hasbro's Magnus can indeed pull off everything that Takara's Magnus can. And just to make things a little more different and enjoyable for this comparison review, I took photos of Hasbro's Magnus featuring him dual wielding his set accessories (the other pair from Takara, of course); this also includes dual wielding the combined form haha!

Final Thoughts:

Again, as I've mentioned in Tak's review, it is a matter of personal preference on which one you'll pick, I seriously think that after taking photos of both, the Takara version wins it due to how the figure looks more "alive". But yeah, Hasbro's the way to go if you don't want to pay almost double for a slight detail change. 

In case you are wondering why the heck did I even get this, it's basically for one main reason, if you haven't notice those in the background of the main photo for this review, there's a Jet and a Tank behind Magnus, and it's none other than the unconvincing Alt Modes from Transformazing Toys' MEBSUTA upgrade kit, as only the Hasbro Magnus' color scheme would fit well with it. (and that will also be the next Transformer figure review lol)

As mentioned in the accessories section, I splitted the package with my friend, Zykes. Thanks for letting me borrow the sword!

I give the Hasbro rendition a 3 out of 5.

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