Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Review: [Bandai] S.I.C. Volume 9 Kamen Rider V3 -Classics 2008 Edition-

Figure Info:
Kamen Rider V3
Scale and Height:
1/10 and is measured as almost 19cm
from base to the antenna tip.

What's an S.I.C.?
S.I.C. stands for Super Imaginative Chogokin, a toyline from bandai that features a reimagination of characters from the different series Shotaro Ishinomori spawned such as Kamen Rider, whose taking up a majority of the released S.I.C.s; S.I.C.s are quite known for its really more "montrous" and bulky side of the characters. I.e. KR designs looks much like as their motifs, meaning Riders like Ichigo, Nigo, V3 and Black looks too much buggy. As far as I know the first 10 volumes of S.I.C. are much more like statues rather than considering them jointed/articulated figures. S.I.C.'s success most likely flourished with the release of volume 11, where full articulation was finally implemented.

Anyway, I'll be providing KR V3's original design but don't expect the S.I.C. to look really close to it.

Well, since S.I.C. Volume 9 V3 is part a static figure and articulated, I'll try to have a mix of both worlds for this guy/bugman.

The one I bought is a special reissue, part of the S.I.C. Classics 2008, so the box has two faces, the first one is the one you see at the start of this review, while the other face of the box reveals the original packaging of this awesome figure; the white area around the box is just a 2nd layer, it can be removed. Package is good enough to let you see almost all of the accessories/parts included in this figure.

Face and Photogenic Appeal:
Frankly speaking, I'm not a fan of the S.I.C. design but I have to admit that there are S.I.C. designs which are far better than the original design, samples I could give would be this and Blade. Apparently, the reason I bought this is because it has two heads, a bug-inspired head and a head that looks ridiculously like the KR:The Next rendition of V3, which came many years after the original KR V3. But Anyway, I will have to admit that even with the buggy face, you'd see traces and you'll know that it's KR V3. So, that's good enough for me and I can't be biased with it since this is one of the reasons why S.I.C. is known, for a really different feel/look in the characters. Anyway, the bug head below.

As for photogenic appeal, there's something that totally wins this part for this figure, of both heads, the eyes are made up of some kind of crystal and perfect lighting produces a very appealing glow for the bugman's eyes. This works best for the alternate head, which looks cooler IMO. Here are some shots using the alternative head, the default 3 sides I show in other reviews.

Sculpt and Details:
The details are really amazing especially the scarf. The folds on the "leather" of V3's costume are nicely done as well, the belt looks as if it was made from silver and the two jewels on V3's belt are made from the same materials used for his eyes. I dunno if it's with mine only but his body's half point is obviously seen thus I can see that the body's somewhat articulated which is kinda bad for me since this was made not to look articulated.

Bonus Features and Accessories:

I've mentioned before that this one has an alternate head that looks like V3 of The Next. But the default bug head has some bonus feature with it, you can actually pull down the lower part of the mask to reveal the mouth of V3. See image below.

Now going to the body of V3, his chest plate has an extra transparent plate and aside from that, the figure comes with a metalic rib, you can insert and will be really visible when used with the clear chest plate which looks totally cool. On the other hand, as you've seen in the detail shots, he's wearing a normal belt BUT... the belt piece on his back is actually removable by a really amazing belt piece that lets you hold his gun and 2 more bullets with it. See images below.

Now, V3, has an extra pair of gloves, the closed fist gloves, one is seen in the detail shots. His default gloves can actually hold his gun but this might take quite a little work to pull off but anyway, his gun's barrel can be replaced with I dunno what it is but I think it's the same one as one of Riderman's arms. Picture below.

Lastly, since this is the S.I.C. Classics pack, there's this name plate as an extra which is pretty neat to be included with this figure.

V3's arms can be moved back and forth and can be spread or closed to a certain limit, utilizing his accessories and gloves, you can actually make different poses with proper head adjustments, since the head is movable too. I'm not sure if the body can be adjusted though since mine won't budge and I'm not daring to try cause I might break it apart. Even with different poses you can make, he's still not fully poseable so, there's more limitation to this than other articulated figures.

Probably the best base of all my figures, the base is uniquely designed, with matching land texture, a removable axe that is used to display as if it was stuck to the ground after a battle and a dead part of one of his enemies. Really awesome base.

Well, a lot of accessories, a number of gimmicks and a really creative way of designing Kamen Rider V3, this S.I.C. rendition really struck me with I saw it first and had me amazed when I got it at hand. Aside from that, the price of this S.I.C. is not bad either so it's pretty much a good deal.

Scoring time.
Face and Photogenic Appeal - 10/10
Sculpt and Details - 8/10
Bonus Features - 10/10
Poseability - 7/10
Base - 10/10
Price - 10/10

Average: 9.17 /10

Now, with that done, what can I say about this?

KR The Next's V3, in flaming Glory

If you're a fan of KR V3, this one's a must get since for me, this one's the 2nd best V3 around, Medicom being the best of course :p Well if you're just into Kamen Riders and love the tv designs, I'd still say go for this since he's got a head close to the original and is effing cool to put at that as well. Now for S.I.C. collectors who loved it because of the posability, I won't suggest this that much since it might disappoint you. So... That's that, I guess.


  1. The bug motif is really cool imo. Imma search blade, I wonder what SIC did to him :p Does SIC have a KR DCD already? Sorry if you told me already about it, I still can't remember the brand names of the KR figures.

  2. SIC Decade coming soon, he comes with the option to go complete as far as I remember

  3. Nice review. Just got my 1st S.I.C.s today.
    Akumaizer 3, Z0 and Dabora, Ibuki and Zanni.

    I like them a lot.