Friday, July 24, 2009

GSC Madness Continues!

Black Rock Miku???

Well, here are some Vocaloid/BRS announcements from GSC...

BRS with Katana? Or Black Gold Saw?
Well, Mikatan's blog showed some teasers for the new figures you can expect at WonderFest this coming Sunday, one of them is a seeming new figure from the Black Rock Shooter line. It's still a feet and base preview but there can only be two possible characters, BRS herself again or Black Gold Saw. wcloudxKumo posted an image of Black Gold Saw:

She's more likely to be the one due to the sword edges in the preview, BRS never had a Katana that's so edgy. But all will be revealed in due time. Black Gold Saw also appears in huke's BRS visual works, see image below:

Vocaloid Nendo Puchi

Yes, Kaito's finally been confirmed and man, I'm hoping this isn't an exclusive, Luka and Miku is just so much FTW already. GSC surely is killing me with their releases. T-T

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