Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Review: [Kaiyodo] KSCU-003 Giroro Gocho

Figure Info:

Keroro Gunsou
Scale and Height:
Non-scale and is measured 7.3cm tall from head to base

Giroro? A Frog?
Yes, Giroro is a frog, an alien frog to be exact and is Corporal/Gocho of Keroro's army that plans to invade Earth but always backfires. He would always look tough, skilled he is but he has a really soft spot for a certain human named Natsumi Hinata. Giroro would do everything to protect Natsumi, including sacrificing his belt, a sign and source of his courage, without his belt, Giroro proves to be totally useless as seen in Keroro vs. Keroro Dai-Gunsou movie.

If you don't know how Giroro looks like, here's a picture for you.

Anyway, I'll be using the same guidelines I used for figma Miku for him. Here goes.

Details and Accuracy:
Kaiyodo's Keroro Gunsou set are prototypes for Revoltech, they probably are the first ones to use the revolver joints so, I won't include the joints for this area, since Giroro is a tiny frog, you really can't expect much but they certainly did well, capturing the body and Giroro's belt. See images below:

As for the head, they got Giroro's default face neatly, the scar and the cap along with the skull symbol on top of it, not to mention his are are also accurate. What more could I say in this figure! XD

Accessories and Extras:

This figure comes with Giroro's commonly seen Bazooka and his mini gundam-like beam rifle. Good details IMO, aside from that, he comes 2 more pairs of legs and an extra "WTF" face that's really hilarious when seen in both anime and the figure itself. A little disappointment though is that he doesn't have extra arms, so you're left with only 1 pair of arms to play around. The figure also comes with a base since it's pretty hard to make them stand without it.

This field is where Giroro's power points are basically, with correct arm placement, proper combinations of legs and use of the two faces, you can make a lot of cool and hilarious poses for this red frog, even the base has a lot of uses for posing him, certainly, as a revoltech prototype, they still have Revo-goodness poseability. Here are some possible poses...

Giroro's a pretty good get actually, he's my favorite in the series and certainly this figure is fun to own. Really nice to own and for something in my collection, he's actually the cheapest of them all, poseable and really cool/cute depending on what you do.

Like usual scores first.
Details and Accuracy
- 10/10

Accessories and Extras
- 9/10

- 10/10

- 10/10

: 9.75/10

Well, what can I say...

Isn't Waifu just gorgeous when she's happy?

Based from the score, Giroro's a worth item, so far, I haven't rated such for my reviewed figures and the fact that I've used Waifu for the verdict pic means it's really something since I most commonly use Imouto instead of Waifu. If your a fan of cute critters with mean looks and guns, this one's a must get, but even if you're not I suggest it, since he's really REALLY affordable he's even cheaper than your average Revoltech prices. ^^

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