Thursday, August 27, 2009

Murakami's Updates (August '09) Part 3

Dizzy, the really kind daughter of Aria/Justice.

A bunch of figure stuff for today's update.

KOS-MOS version awesomeness!
Volks has shown the unpainted version during the Wonderfest but hell, the colored preview of the Garage Kit had recently been shown and it's too much eye popping! Heck, if I am to be asked, it is by far the best KOS-MOS ever made or I have ever set my eyes into. Just pure beautiful! See the pic below.

Decade in the works...
After being shown with a rough art a few months ago from scans, Decade is now in the works and the prototype is completed, from what I can see, it's looking good, coupled up with some Ultimate forms of Riders and Apollo Geist, this will be epic!

Online identity come to figure life!
One of Saki's main heroines, Haramura Nodoka, had been shown as prototype last Wonderfest in her Nodocchi identity, and just recently, her colored previews had been shown and lelouch sure is happy. XD As far being scaled, Nodocchi is the only one so far but as for large scale Saki figures, there's the upcoming Saki and Nodoka prize figs from Sega. Anyway, this really nice figure with nice assets will be released in January 2010 with a retail price of 7,980 yen.

Pre-order sheet madness!
GT has recently officially put up their new batch of pre-order sheets and it looks like they'll be able to get a lot of tamashii exclusive items such as the SIC Den-O Cho-Climax form which is at estimated 5,700 pesos, which is quite expensive even though it's really a win design for me. Another notable figure with be the figma Brave Haruhi and... Zero... Yes! ZERO!! AND I DON'T HAVE ANY EFFING MONEY! O_O

Dizzy for Dizzy
Well, being part of Queen's Gate, Dizzy from the Guilty Gear series finally gets her figure treatment and is completely driving me nuts, she's too beautiful and mind you people that Dizzy is very much equivalent to Miku for me in the video game world. Problem is... she's EXCLUSIVE! I need to find some decent way of acquiring her... T-T

Ecchi Sempai-desu!
I was surprised last Tuesday night when I logged in Otakai and noticed something new, so, I asked lelouch about it, he asked back if I was an Ecchi Sempai already. And to my surprise... I am one, well, Ecchi Sempai shows something like you're more than a regular member like VGB in tsuki-board probably. I don't know when or how, but am glad I'm an Ecchi Sempai now. ^^

Final August Haul
Well, here it is, my final haul for the month, which is none other than my 2nd favorite character from the Rider universe, Shadow Moon, in his SIC glory, wow, talk about getting my 2 most favorite riders in the same week. lol! XD fifthstitch helped me get this, so, thanks again! :D

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