Thursday, September 17, 2009


Heat Metal Form

Here's a little catch on episode 2, sorry it's a bit late. XD

Well, episode 2 continues from where we left at episode 1, with the appearance of the T-Rex Dopant. Well, certain turn of events I won't spoil so much but they did introduce something interesting though, which is having conflicts being two detectives as one. You'll just have to find out what conflict it was.

As far as Double's gadgets are concerned, it looks like they have more Gaia Memories than the 6 expected, in episode 2, Shotaro plugs a Bat and Stag Gaia Memory on his camera and other gadget, which turned them alive into a Kivat and Gatack Zecter like entities. Lol! Well, aside from that, Double's cycle also splits in half and his gigantic car carries the parts, his gadgets are really amazing.

Lastly would be that it is probably Shotaro only who can henshin while in Rider form, Philip's side is more on natural powers while Shotaro's side focuses more on fighting style (weapons, etc.) Before the episode ends, Akiko finally decides to go with the Detective stuff and names the agency as "Half-Boiled" instead of "Hard-Boiled", you'll find out why once you watch. And it seems there's gonna be a new Rider appearing very soon. Can't find a video yet so, I can't really show it, just watch it.

Well, that's it, hope I didn't spoil too much. :p

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