Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sekai no Hakaisha

The journey is far from over...

Time for some feedback on Decade series as premiered in the TV sets of Japan.

Yes, basically Decade is a really good KR series to watch, totally epic by bringing together all the Heisei riders while having its own plot twists compared to the original shows. Decade being said to be the destroyer of all and he goes on a journey and makes comrades out of the worlds that he's supposedly "destroying". Well, by the time he landed on RX's world, the story finally begins to make some sense and build up for the ending with the appearance of Dai Shocker, an organization made up of several enemies from different Rider worlds. The series end brings us to the Rider War, first seen at the beginning in Natsumi's dream.

The building of plot was certainly good when Decade reached this point in the series but how did it end?


The series just ended Apollo Geist's reign but still left a lot of viewers hanging because it certainly is not yet finished and here we are getting a preview of the finale which will land in Japan cinemas on December which will finally conclude the Rider War and said to unfold the mysteries behind Decade. Well, going back to the final episode, Super Apollo Geist was lamely destroyed, just watch to know how. And we are left with Natsumi's dream coming true with her shouting "Dikeido!" before the Decadriver shows up and leaves everyone in a hanging and disappointed moment. For another note, Kenzaki Kazuma, the original Kamen Rider Blade returns in this world and he is still the Kenzaki from where we left him in Blade series, he has the ability to Henshin to King Form immediately instead of Blade then going for an evolution King. He shows to blame it on Decade (yeah, like Narutaki) and eventually pawns the hell out of Decade in his ungod mode. Clip here:

The original Wataru also returns to say that Decade fails and punches the hell out of him back to the Rider War and here, we are hanging like shit. Seriously, the way they presented Decade was pretty good but ruining the finale with a Movie finisher isn't just fair, esp. for us who'd have to wait until next year to finally watch the finale. Here's the movie trailer BTW:

Well, that's my final Decade Update. I'll try to watch Double and see if it's interesting or not, if it is, expect a semi-spoiler updates like these too for that series.

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