Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inside The Closed Space

Well, since I've recently got my figma Ryoko, here's a little photostory... Hehehe...

somewhere inside a closed space

Oro... Where am I? What is this place...

Ah, a person!
Um, Ano...


I was wondering...
Ara... What do we have here... Miku Hatsune... desho?


Who are you? Why do you know me??

My name is Ryoko Asakura. I sent you here.
This is a close space I created, you see, it was my duty to observe you...
A diva that has the capability to have the world on your hands through your voice.
You see... I can't gather data with almost nothing going around.

So... I sent you here so that I can kill you, and have your voice heard all over the world...
Once you're dead, I'm sure I'd get a handful of data once that happens... So, please...
Won't you die by my hands?



Her hand blocked it off even though she was shaking in fear...
What's more... My knife has been reconstructed...
My space has been infiltrated... Is she here!?

Well, how was it? I'm most likely leaving this as is, so no plans to get the "she" Ryoko was talking about. XD


  1. ^ clue: she looks better without glasses according to someone

  2. @night: she looks good with or without glasses :D Nice story hehe I wonder what poor Miku's gonna do?

  3. ^ Don't worry, great Miku-sama won't be poor for long XD