Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December Haul Final(?)

Oh yeah!!!! She has landed!!!

Well, after waiting for more than 2 weeks with that SAL shipment, she finally arrived :D

Never really thought I'd have the money to get her, and yeah, more exclusives for me! Wiiii, so, who is she anyway? see below...

Still can't get it? She's pretty much who you see in nearly every corner of this blog, lol. And this one's the one released during this year's Wonder Festival. :D So, who else but my 11th Miku has landed in my home!!! Happy!!! :D


  1. Wow.. congrats, finally the long wait is over.. peram ah.. wahihihihi

  2. nice, im still wating for mine, hope you dont mind me asking, where did you get her and how much? im planing to cancel my preorder of her since of to now i still havent received mine

  3. @danicruz29: Got her at ebay for around 3.8k (shipping included) maybe you'd like to get the one with sir omni :)

  4. hmm yeah much cheaper, will email first the online shop where i preordered miku before i contact sir omni sayang din kasi $56 lang including shipping, btw do you need glue to complete the paper craft stage? thanks

  5. @dani: haven't opened it yet, still have a lot of pending recent hauls to open before her, ask Lied, I think he has one and he already opened it.