Saturday, December 5, 2009

Review: [MegaHouse] RAHDX Allenby Beardsley

Figure Info:
Kidou Butoden G Gundam
Scale and Height:
Non-scale and approximately 20cm tall


Part of MegaHouse's Excellent Model Core series, RAHDX stands for Robot Animation Hero and Heroines DX. A figure line concentrated mostly on Gundam characters, these are a bunch of non-scale (assumed to be 1/8) figures that has a really satisfying quality. This ranges from different Gundam series (probably until SEED only) and some other mech series like Overman King Gainer.

Anyway, here's a reference pic of Allenby

Well, I get to finally review my very first figure that started it all.

The box is very light, very portable but not really that attractive to see, lol. Only the figure itself caught my attention when I bought her. Anyway, that's that with boxes.

Face and Photogenic Appeal:
Well, certainly if you've watched G Gundam, you'd agree with me when I say that Allenby's pose in this figure suits her perfectly. The face is really wonderful, even a look from afar made me identify that it was her. From the moe of G Gundam, she certain have that factor in this figure.

As for photogenic appeal, there's nothing really that will bring down her grade here, angles and sides are fine, so, no problem. ^^ Moe Allenby is MOE! XD Anyway, different side shot below.

Body and Details:
Well, as far as my tight blue outfit wearing fighter from Neo Sweden is concerned, MegaHouse nailed it, I mean just look at that body *drools* Anway, Allenby's clothes are pretty simple, tight blue clothes, her necklace, a belt and a pink jacket. That pretty much makes up our Sailormoon Gundam Fighter. Detail shots below.

Well, as you can see in the detail shots, her base is a translucent some-shade of yellow, but you may not notice it, her base has Nobel Gundam's silhouette and the logo of G Gundam with it. Well, at least it's not as boring as other bases. XD

Bonus Feature:
Well, one of the more unusual features is Allenby's cast-off. You can actually cast-off her jacket to reveal more yummy-ness for Allenby.

Basically, to cast it off, you need to remove her arms first, carefully pull and slide her arms out of the jacket, then remove the jacket and put back her arms. After that, you get to see Allenby's full time sexyness XD

Well, pretty much Allenby's a worthy buy especially for G Gundam fans like me. Well, the thing is one of the local shops here disposes of their RAHDX stocks and when they have a Sale or during conventions, they'd sell these RAHDXs for a pretty cheap price, really nice as a first figure for me. ^^

Face and Photogenic Appeal - 10/10
Body and Details - 10/10
Base - 8/10
Bonus Feature - 10/10
Price - 10/10

Average: 9.6/10

Final remarks time...

The picture maybe crappy in quality
but the figure sure isn't. :p

Well, probably to a lot of people, she's not satisfying, but to me she sure is. If by whatsoever reason that something prevented me from getting her that fateful day, then Murakami Night wouldn't exist in the first place and I wouldn't have chosen this hobby if she proved unsatisfactory. :D She's certainly one of the better RAHDXs.

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