Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 First Haul - The One-Winged Devil??

Well, as you can see...
My first haul is something new...

A new line!?

Apparently, my first haul of the year 2010 is somewhat from a different. My very first PA in the collection. Well, why I bought this?
1.) A certain someone has been addicted to KH pretty much and I remembered KH1 Cloud (my favorite rendition of Cloud)
2.) Apparently, I want to try them too for an impression on the line before Dante and Nero gets released
3.) I like Cloud second Vincent in FF7 but Cloud with a mix of Vincent is even better by a long shot.

Well, I'm not really planning to get a lot of Play Arts, only this one, the PA kai of Alphonse Elric and the upcoming DMC4 PA catches my attention as of now, typically they're like SICs in a sense but more on actual male figs who probably wouldn't get a PVC large scale treatment and if ever they do, I most likely wouldn't like it. (case is different for Alphonse though)


  1. eto ba yun bootleg na binili mo?

    hahaha j/k

  2. naks.. nagplay arts ka XD haha.. gulat ako dun ah -KEMUEL(oo hindi ko alam kung pano gamitin yun iba kaya anonymous nalang ginamit ko tapos nilagay ko pangalan ko) XD