Monday, March 29, 2010

Review: [Bandai] S.I.C. Volume 51 Kamen Rider Decade

Figure Info:
Kamen Rider Decade
Scale and Height:
Non-scale and approximately 18cm tall

The Destroyer of Worlds...
Basically, Decade is introduced as the destroyer where the series started out with him destroying all the Riders at once, except for one Rider who stood up and fought with him. Decade is Tsukasa Kadoya, a photographer who stays with the Hikari studios with no memory of his past. When a twist of fate later had him and his colleague, Natsumi Hikari, jumping into different worlds and later on finding the Decadriver and remembering how to use it, thus, he transforms into Decade and the start of his long journey begins, he makes friends with the different riders from the 9 previous series by going into their worlds and as the story goes Decade gets more power ups; his favorite tag line is "Just a passing through Kamen Rider" and a notable power of Decade is his ability to transform into any of the 9 previous main riders. Decade's original design below:

Now I begin the review of SIC 51...

Decade's box design is patterned after his chest design the one with the white cross like line and of course his trademark pink magenta color, it's pretty much the same as other one pack SIC boxes, not too thick. Anyway, like I usually say, I don't care much about boxes anyway. XD

As one can expect from the S.I.C. line, the parts are heavily detailed, his leg parts are transparent magenta, which allows you to see the insides making Decade look a little mechanical in terms of detail, his armor is sculpted in a manner which can make him look like he's battle damaged but still a pretty decent work. His Decadriver and belt are also well made and not much flaw can be found.

The head sculpt is a bit close to the original design with a few adjustments to the head shape and the shape of the eyes but still, Decade regular form was done pretty nicely and I have no objections with how he was done.

Accessories and Bonus Features:
Well, Decade is not decade without his Ganbaride cards and so, Bandai provides us with a sticker set for the Ganbaride cards. A BIG NOTE: Check his box properly as there should be a plastic filled with pvc card cuts for the stickers, it may look like a leg plate if you didn't check the instruction manual like I did, thus I ended up in a mistake folding the card stickers making a very thin ganbaride card. You are provided 10 Kiva Emperor cards, all first 10 Heisei riders and Decade's complete form from the ganbaride stickers.

Decade also comes with his Ride Booker, which can be morphed into gun mode or sword mode by attaching the blade part included. Decade also has his K-Touch, which was greatly detailed IMO even though it's just an accessory. The set also comes with Kivala for some gags probably.

Now, like most Heisei Rider SICs, Decade comes with parts of his Ultimate form, Complete Form. You simply switch the head and armor and the leg plates and you get Decade Complete, he isn't that hard to transform as well.

Details are still nice, Complete with the chest armor which holds the 9 Heisei rides as well as his big K-Touch in the belt while Decadriver is on the side. Decade complete is detailed pretty well as his Ganbaride cards are all S.I.C. designed as well. His leg plates are all in die-cast making Decade Complete a really heavy piece of S.I.C.

Though it's understandable that SIC loves to further "imaginate" designs, a little nitpicking here is that Decade Complete looks like a Football Player! Yes, his body looks too unproportional with the large chest armor and a little big head, at close up shots, he will look nice but once you zoom it out, you'll see what I mean. But I don't really mind, I'm used to S.I.C.s "imagination", one thing I would really like to nitpick is his arms, on complete form, the magenta colored parts on his arm should be silver but in here, it's left as magenta which actually is a little eyesore to me compared to how others would just complain on his proportions.

Since Decade is on a latter release, his posability is really something, you can almost do every pose he does in the show and the joints are very very flexible.

A little nice addition in posing him is that the belt acts exactly as the show, pulling on the sides actually flips the Decadriver and you can also insert the ganbaride cards at his driver. Talk about really playable factor.

As Complete form, he basically can still pose the same as Decade's normal form. No limitations are applied upon transformation to Complete Form.

What makes Complete Form a total playable bonus is when you have at least an ultimate form starting from Ryuki's S.I.C. releases, since Ryuki was the landmark of S.I.C.'s expansion in posability. As Decade Complete uses his K-Touch Kamen Rides, an image of the selected Rider's ultimate form is projected boosting his power. As I only have King Form, here's a little something from Complete Form. ^^


Well, Decade's a pretty good pack for me but others would just regard him as a failure for some reason. Or others would want only the regular form as they didn't like the outcome of the Complete Form. I dunno, but for me, Decade pack was worth it, it was a fun shoot and the fact that Decade has met a lot of Riders, it adds to his play factor.

Detail - 8.5/10
Accessories and Bonus Feature - 10/10
Design - 8/10
Posability - 10/10
Price - 9/10

Average: 9.1/10

Almost time to hit the sack, so just a few final words

Don't like it? Use reason God Mode!

Well, for one, Decade's the way to go if you collected the previous S.I.C. packs from the Heisei era (well, even the Showa would do especially Apollo Geist) Well, if you don't like Complete's deisgn, just think of whatever excuse you can such as "I want to complete the Heisei line" or "I need to get all S.I.C.s" or whatever reason you can think of. Trust me when I say Complete Form's not that bad.


  1. just got my sic decade today...that my 1st sic collection..really satisfied by it detail...

  2. Nice! Congrats on getting your 1st SIC :D

  3. yeah..all thx to u coz make the review here...i just found ur blog by randomly search for info about sic model...thx so much bro...on the way to get my 2nd sic model...which 1 will u suggest?

  4. I'd say go with Double or Dark Kiva's pack XD

  5. owh..thx murakami san...i would love to take double..cyclone joker...always thought to take 1 double....i go for that....thx..but dark kiva pack so hard to find here...=(

  6. Oh, sorry to hear that, here, SICs are pretty much unloved as almost all releases from vol 49 and above are shelf warmers on hobby stores that sell them.

  7. wah....i would love to be there so can get the sic model..heheheh...right now only buy from ebay but local ebay...=(