Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blog Renewal

Still under the process of completion but...

Well, now, since the blog now has 5k hits (though it's because the page hits counter is a fail XD), I've decided to do some major renewal for my readers to enjoy the blog site a bit. ^^

Well, the renewal started some time this week, not sure though if it was Monday or Miku's Day. Well, the thing is the side bar's been distracting me since no matter what I do with the blog posts even if I put display 10 posts in the page, it only displays a few, 3 right now. >.< But I really started the major overhaul last Wednesday. The first renewal phase was to try out something I self learned on my job, which is called the carousel, it's the one I used for the pending figure reviews and figure reviews area in the main, as you can see only one banner is displayed and it changes automatically, though it has some loading issues at times, in case the banners are listed again or it only shows half of the actual figure banner, just hit the refresh and it should be fixed. 

Now to the main problem, my deafult template from before was only eating up a few of the spaces of the blog but as I've mentioned, the sidebar is too long, so I've decided to split the said sidebar into two, where the left sidebar are blog related (me, links to other blogs, chat window) while the right sidebar contains more on what my blog focuses on... figures. Well, that cleared up, and I've applied a theme which I use in my multiply, which somewhat gives that Miku-feel especially with the background and those green lasers. XD As you can see, the site went under a major renewal for the week but it's not done yet, still have to make a new banner, adjust the comments section a bit and finally decide whether I should keep the bg as plain black or find a suitable background for it. Well, after this expect the following changes: figure banners renewal (this is just regards to adjusting the font as not to generic font face like the first bunch of banner) and of course, the archive page needs a renewal too. ^^

So how are you liking the new design? Feel free to comment even if it's not done yet XD

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