Saturday, March 6, 2010

Haruka at Mondo Magazine!

This just arrived sometime this week, only got it earlier XD

I've been wanting to blog about this since before but meh, decided to wait for my copy first before doing anything. XD

Mondo is a magazine in Hungary which features the different aspects of Japanese culture, mostly focusing on anime, j-drama and other more things similar. It was sometime last year that I received a request in my YouTube inbox (now almost inactive) that they would like to use my images of Haruka Suzumiya for their magazine. Of course, an ordinary blogger like me, posting these reviews and related stuff, sees this as an opportunity; so, I agreed and just told them to credit the shot with my net name (Murakami Night) and a reference to here, my blog. XD The person who contacted me told me that he would be sending me a copy of the magazine issue once published, he even sent me the pdf file for it so I could approve if it's okay already. :D

Since the posting was delayed, after quite some time I finally got it today and as promised, 2 selected shots from my review of Good Smile Company's Suzumiya Haruka was featured in the magazine in exactly the same way as how the pdf went. So, on Mondo's November 2009 issue, here's a little share on where my shots were featured, at page 34-35.

Really really nice printing IMO and this is a good achievement for me and my home studio setup shots. XD And of course, lastly, as promised for the credits, I really didn't think it would be this small though since it looked nice on the pdf XD But anyway, here's the credits (enlarge to see XD):

A big thanks for the honor to Mondo magazine and Mr. Kodaj for contacting me about this. ^_^ And before I end this blogpost, here's the link to Mondo's site:

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