Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Haul: The Swordsman

Finally got one of the three Alter figures that...
I really wanted to get for some time now. XD

One more haul from Ozine @_@

And it's left me bankrupt XDDD Oh well, actually, I haven't fully paid for this yet but a friend of mine, also a fellow otakai member, allowed me to take her home already. I should be able to complete the payment next week since it's pay day on Thursday. Anyway, this figure is in LIB status and one of the notorious leaners from the older generation. But I still got her anyway since I really like Saika and the price is pretty good too. XD

Anyway, as for a little bit of ozine news, Day 2 is another success and I got to roam around this time for quite a bit. Our community's band also made their debut today but last and certainly not least, I got frustrated, LOL! I'll post it on my event report soon.

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